Quick Calculators

Quick Beer Stats This calculator takes your starting gravity and ending gravity, offering temperature correction, and give you back the alcohol contents, and caloric/carbohydrate counts for the beer.

IBU Calculator This calculator will give you Tinseth, Rager, and the average number of IBUs based on a maximum of 120 hop additions.

Efficiency and SRM Calculator This calculator will tell you the approximate efficiency of your mash and the approximate SRM of the beer.

Temperature & Volume Tools

Batch Sparge Calculator This calculator will take some basic information about your batch, and return the water volumes and temperatures you need to hit your marks.

Change Water Temperature This calculator tells you what volume of water to add at a specific temperature to change the other water volume. Useful for raising or lowering mash temperatures with boiling or freezing water.

Strike Water Temperature Calculate the temperature your strike water will have to be at dough in to reach your desired mash temperature.

New Volume Calculator This calculator will tells what volume your wort needs to be to change it to a specific target gravity.

New SG Calculator This calculator tells what the gravity of the wort will be when the volume is changed from the current amount to a new one.

Carbonation & Priming Tools

Force Carbonation Calculator Enter in the keg temperature and the desired volume of of co2 in your beer and find out what to set your regulator at.

Priming Sugar Calculator Determine the amount of priming substance used to carbonate your beer before bottling.

Hydrometer & Refractometer Tools

Hydrometer Correction Calculator This calculator takes a temperature and the hydrometer reading and gives you the actual gravity for hydrometers calibrated for 60F.

Gravity During Ferment from Refractometer This calculator tells you the gravity of your beer during/after fermentation from the current refractometer reading, and one from before fermentation began.

Find ABW & ABV from Ending Hydrometer and Refractometer Readings This calculator will tell you the ABV and ABW of a beer from a refractometer and hydrometer reading after fermentation.

Find Original Gravity from Ending Hydrometer and Refractometer Readings This calculator will tell you the starting gravity for a beer from its ending hydrometer and refractometer readings.

Convert To & From Brix/Plato & Specific Gravity This calculator will let you convert a value in Brix to Plato to specifc gravity, and the other way as well.

Electric Element Tools

Power Required for Temp. Change This calculator will tells how much power is required (in Watts) to raise from one temperature to another in a set period of time. Useful for determing what power heater element you want.

Temp. Rise For Known Power This calculator will tells the temperature rise in degrees a minute you can get for a specific volume of water with a specific wattage element.

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