John's Kegerator - Larger and More Pictures

I really liked brewing my own beer. But I hated bottling, enough to where I knew it would keep me from wanting to brew. All those bottles stacked up, and to clean, and wash again later, and fill. It looked bad. I decided I would start kegging my own beer. At first I thought about a chest freezer or something as I'd really like more than just two beers on tap at once, not to mention cold storage and lagering capacity. When it comes down to it though I may move into another apartment soon and I wanted something that wouldn't take up a ton of space, be impossible to move, or even look all that bad. Cost was a concern, but it took something of a back seat to looking good.

I decided on the Sanyo 4911 for its nice looks and known conversion capability. I made certain to measure multiple times before attacking it with the drill.

I had read all about sticking faucets and mold build up in the traditional design and didn't want to deal with that so I decided on Perlick forward sealing stainless faucets. At first I planned on a full stainless steel shank for the through the door assembly, but the cost was prohibitive. Instead I got a traditional shank with a stainless flange on the front. Great looks, low price.

fauct blown up
whole faucet assembly
I found a cheap supplier of ball lock pepsi kegs and purchased four, even though I think I'll want more. I checked local places for a used co2 tank but with no luck. I wound up buying a new brushed aluminum one, which was a pain to get filled without trading it in. In the end I found that at a local fire extinguisher shop.

keg and co2 tank
I wanted unique tap handles and found some granite ones on ebay which I quickly snapped up. A stainless drip tray on the front completed the look and everything fit in well enough to let me retain use of the inner door.

inner door
finished kegerator

Cost Breakdown

Part Price Quantity Supplier Part Number
Refridgerator 169.99 1 Best Buy Sanyo 4911
Ball Lock Keg 13.00 4 Adventures in Homebrewing N/A
Perlick Foward Seal SS Faucet 25.50 2 Superior Products 851300
Tailnut Washer 0.20 2 Superior Products 809279
3/16" x 4-1/8" SS Flange 9.40 2 Superior Products 850721
3/16" Barbed Tailpiece 0.80 2 Superior Products 809197
Wing Nut 1.90 2 Superior Products 809209
5lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank 59.00 1 Beverage Factory BF C5
Double Guage CO2 Regulator 38.00 1 Beverage Factory BF 742BF
Keg Dip Tube O-Rings 2.24 100ct bag McMaster Carr 9452K172
Keg Post O-Rings 2.77 100ct bag McMaster Carr 9452K23
Keg Lid O-Rings 12.50 10ct bag McMaster Carr 9452K218
PetroGel Lubricant 2.95 1 Northern Brewer K031
1/4" Ball Lock Gas Disconnect 5.00 2 Northern Brewer K012
1/4" Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect 5.00 2 Northern Brewer K013
6" Wide 2" Splash SS Drip Tray 31.95 1 Northern Brewer K151
Faucet Wrench 3.50 1 Northern Brewer K080
Yanshan Green Granite Tap Handle 19.95 2 Applied Diamond Tools TAPHG013
3/16" ID Tubing 0.40 foot 20 feet Ace Hardware N/A
Stainless Steel Screws 0.09 2 Ace Hardware N/A
Pre Shipping Total: 518.58
Shipping Charges: 53.05
Taxes: 6.97
Grand Total: 578.60

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